Hey there! Welcome to Pokécord!

Whether you’ve just added the bot to your server or are just checking it out for the first time after you’ve seen your friends playing, this guide should give you enough to set off on your adventure and start playing Pokécord with your friends.

Before we get started: Pokécord allows users to change the prefix for commands on a per-server basis, so when we reference a command such as “p!start” or “p!help” please remember that the “p!” section of the command is changeable. If in doubt, you can be reminded of the server’s prefix by mentioning the bot. This guide will also not cover every single feature of the bot, so if you need more help, come talk to us in our Discord server over at https://discord.gg/pokecord!

getting started

So let’s get started!

The first thing you’re going to want to do is pick a starter pokémon. You can do this by using the “p!start” command to display a welcoming message that will list the available starter pokémon, then using the “p!pick <pokémon>” command to select the one you want and you will be given it!

Quick note: This guide as well as the bot’s “p!help” command puts placeholder values between “<>” signs. This means that when you see something between these signs it is up to you to replace that with what you want. In the case of “p!pick <pokémon>”, the “<pokémon>” should be replaced with the starter pokémon you wish to pick. e.g. p!pick Squirtle

Once you’ve done this, you now have your first pokémon!

Now that you own a pokémon, you can go ahead and use the “p!info” command to see it! This command will display your pokémon’s stats, level and its XP progress towards the next levelup. You can also toggle viewing additional information such as IVs by using the “p!detailed” command.

Gaining XP

Leveling up your pokémon will increase its stats and in some cases cause your pokémon to evolve, and to do this you need to gain XP.

There are currently two ways to gain XP in Pokécord, talking and battling.

When in a Discord server with Pokécord, simply talking to your friends in chat will gradually gain XP for your selected pokémon (more on the “selected” part later). Now before you start spamming your servers to level up your pokémon, the way that the bot gives XP takes into account spamming and will lead to you gaining XP at a slower rate, so stick to talking to your friends normally ;)

The other way is battling, which will be explained further in a later part of the guide, however a short summary is that you are able to battle your friends using the “p!duel <@Friend>”. The winner of the battle will receive XP as well as credits to be used in the in-game shop.

Catching and selecting pokémon

So you’ve got your starter pokémon and started to level it up, but I’m sure you’d like to catch other pokémon too right?!

If you hadn’t already noticed, once you add Pokécord to your server random pokémon will begin to appear as you talk. These messages will show a picture of the pokémon as well as a message saying “A wild pokémon has appeared! Guess the pokémon and type p!catch <pokémon> to catch it!”.

When a pokémon spawns, it is up to the user to correctly guess the pokémon’s name and be the first person to type “p!catch <pokémon>”! If you’re unsure of the pokémon, you can always get a hint with the “p!hint” command.

After catching a pokémon, you’ll notice that using “p!info” still displays your starter pokémon. This is because Pokécord only allows you to “select” one pokémon at a time. The pokémon that you have selected is very important as it determines which of your pokémon will receive XP from typing, be used in battles or given the items that you buy from the in-game shop for example.

To select a pokémon, the “p!select <number>” command must be used. This “number” is the number given to a pokémon in your collection, and can be found by using the “p!pokemon” command.

Further help

As this guide only explains some of the core features of the bot, it’s recommended to check out the “p!help” command to see a complete list of available commands, how to use them and what they do. You can also come ask us over at https://discord.gg/pokecord if you have any questions!

Good luck, and enjoy the bot!