List of commands:

Getting Started |

p!start | Start the game!

p!pick | Pick a starter pokémon! (p!start shows all available)

p!help | Displays this help message.

Pokemon Commands |

p!info | Shows your selected pokémon's information.

p!pokemon | Shows a list of your pokémon.

p!fav | Shows a list of your favourite pokémon.

p!addfav <Pokémon n°> | Adds a pokémon to your list of favourites.

p!removefav <Pokémon n°> | Removes a pokémon from your list of favourites.

p!nickname <nickname> | Gives a nickname to your currently selected pokémon.

p!dropitem | Drop the item your pokémon is currently holding.

p!select <Pokémon n°> | Select which pokémon to train and use in battle!

p!catch <pokemon name> | Catch a pokémon!

Pokemon Commands |

p!catch <pokemon name> | Catch a pokémon!

p!release <Pokémon n°> | Release a pokémon!

p!duel @User | Challenge one of your friends to a 1 on 1 duel!

p!trade @User | Invite one of your friends to a trade!

p!moves | List all moves your pokémon can currently learn.

p!learn <move name> | Teach your pokémon a move.

p!shop | Open the shop to see items available for purchase.

p!buy <Item ID> | Buy an item from shop.

Bot Information |

p!botinfo | Shows general bot information.

p!invite | Gives the bot's invite link.

p!donate | Sends a link to donate to support the bot.

p!patreon | Sends a link to the bot's patreon page.

p!server | Sends an invite to the bot's official server.

Other Commands |

p!prefix <prefix> | Sets server prefix. (Server owner only)

p!silence | Toggles your level up messages.

p!order | Change the order of your pokemon in p!pokemon and p!fav


The "p!" before commands is just the default prefix, it may be different depending on the server.


Bot Permissions:

If the bot seems to not reply to some commands, please make sure it has the "Send Messages", "Read Messages", "Embed Links" and "Attach Files" permissions in that channel.